Donor-supported forecasts

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WaveCast is a free forecasting service provided by Nathan Cool and is supported by donations. After providing forecasts for more than 20 years for Surfer magazine, Surfing magazine, SwellWatch, WetSand, and others, cutbacks and company closures has meant that the popular free SoCal Surf Forecast would end; however, Nathan has decided to continue this effort. Believing that this and all surf forecast information should be made available to the public, Nathan is now posting his report (and other features) on WaveCast — his original surf forecasting site.

Through your donations Nathan can continue providing the SoCal report three times per week as he has for more than 20 years. Since many may have difficulty paying for this information, and there may be times when you can't pay either, Nathan has left financial support from his readers as optional. Donations of any amount (monthly if possible) will keep Nathan's reports and all of WaveCast.com free, while paying for the services and extensive time necessary to keep them going.

Nathan is proud to say that for more than 20 years he's never taken a day off so that he can provide reports each Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, tracking every storm that's formed across the Pacific with swell and weather potential for the west coast of the U.S., and other locales. With your support this service can continue for many more years to come.