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Best results are typically decoded at least 15 minutes past the hour, 14 minutes from now.
Data as of:   12:00 PM MON JAN 27 2020

Santa Barbara:     South West 12
Ventura:           South 6 Gust 12
Oxnard:            West 8
Point Mugu:        UNAVAILABLE
Leo Carillo:       South West 7
Santa Monica:      South 7
Manhattan:         West 8
Long Beach:        North West 5
Newport Beach:     Variable 3
Huntington Beach:  Variable 3
Dana Pt.:          UNAVAILABLE
Oceanside:         West 8
Carlsbad:          West 8
San Diego:         UNAVAILABLE
Pt. Loma:          UNAVAILABLE
Imperial Beach:    

Wind Data Courtesy of NOAA/NWS